Movie Review: Delusion (2016)

1 Stars
Delusion (2016)

Delusion (2016)


Director: Christopher Di Nunzio

Cast: David Graziano, Jami Tennille, Irina Peligrad

Synopsis: A middle-aged widower finds his grip on sanity weakening when he embarks on a relationship with a mysterious woman.


The life of middle-aged widower Frank Parrillo (David Graziano) has been in stasis since the death of his beloved wife Isabella (Carlyne Fournier) three years earlier, and it’s only after he receives an unexpected letter from his deceased spouse urging him to live his life to the full that he finally summons the resolve to move on.    Coincidentally – or perhaps not – Frank soon begins to notice Mary (Jami Tennille), an attractive woman who frequently happens to be walking past his house when he’s leaving or entering.  Soon, Frank and Mary are sharing pillow talk, despite a warning from tarot card-reading psychic Lavinia (Irina Peligrad) that Mary presents a very real threat to his future well-being.   And, sure enough, it’s not long before strange things start to happen which might be supernatural, but which might also be due to the fact that Frank has grown a little lax when it comes to taking his medication.

Delusion steps in and out of a dreamlike state, merging Frank’s imagination and the real world into a mystifying melange that leaves us unsure if we are watching reality or illusion.   This playing with the boundaries of reality appears to be influenced by the work of David Lynch, and if writer-director Christopher Di Nunzio is trying to emulate that director’s style he meets with a measure of success.   Di Nunzio is content to let Delusion unfold at a leisurely pace, and isn’t afraid to keep his audience guessing.   He also has an eye for an arresting image.   However, his tale doesn’t intrigue and mesmerise the way that Lynch’s do, and, intentionally or otherwise, the pay-off raises just as many questions as it answers.

Di Nunzio has talent, but on the evidence of Delusion possesses an ambition that is at odds with the budget that is available to him.

(Reviewed 31st January 2017)





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