Hi, and welcome to 20/20 Movie Reviews.

This site, which was previously known as A Full Tank of Gas, was launched on 7th March 2015 for the purpose of providing a place on the internet for movie reviews I had written over the previous 13 years, and to address in some small way the increasing phenomenon of sites whose reviews no longer reflect the honest opinions of their authors but the increasing levels of influence wielded by the marketing departments of major production companies.   20/20 Movie Reviews is – and always will be – a home for independent and unbiased opinion.

There is no set format to these reviews — some are only 100 words long while others are over 1000 — and they are, of course, the author’s subjective opinion, which means that more often than not you will probably disagree with them.   Please feel free to comment on any review, but understand that all comments are moderated before publication, and any that are insulting or abusive will be ignored.

A quick note about the 4-star rating system used on this site.   The movies are graded purely on entertainment value, and rather than classifying levels of badness, I decided to allocate no stars to all movies that I consider to be below average.   Those movies given one star are of average quality –  they’re nothing special, but you shouldn’t feel too disappointed after watching it.   A movie with two stars is better than average but still some way off from being a classic, while those with three stars fall just short of greatness.   Four stars are reserved for those movies which I consider to be perfect, and as perfection is a near-impossible ideal, very few movies receive this grade.

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Richard Cross