Let Me Dream Again (1900)    1 Stars


Let Me Dream Again (1900)

Director: George Albert Smith

Cast: Laura Bayley, Tom Green

Synopsis: A man dreams he is flirting with an attractive young lady, then he wakes up in bed next to his wife.


Let Me Dream Again is quite an amusing little effort which, due to the simplicity of its plot (if it can actually be called that) somehow manages to be too long despite having a running time of around sixty seconds. The picture opens on an old gent and a comely young wench (played by the director George Albert Smith’s wife) enjoying a high old time as they drink booze, smoke fags and cuddle up to one another. The scene then dissolves – an early example of its use as a symbol of a dream ending – to reveal the old guy waking up to find himself lying next to a shapeless shrew of a wife. Not very sophisticated, it has to be said, but Let Me Dream Again is amusing enough for such an early film.

(Reviewed 8th June 2009)