One Good Turn (1955)    2 Stars

“A Riotous Round of Fun!”


One Good Turn (1955)

Director: John Paddy Carstairs

Cast: Norman Wisdom, Joan Rice, Shirley Abicair

Synopsis: A promise that an orphan will receive a model car leads to zany adventures.






Returning to a childhood favourite after thirty-odd years is always something of a risk, but on this occasion the experience proved to be relatively painless. Norman Wisdom, adorned in his usual uniform of too- tight jacket and flat cap worn sideways on his head, plays to type as a lovable fool who undergoes a number of slapstick adventures as he endeavours to earn the mammoth sum of £12.00 to buy the miniature car he promised one of the wards at the orphanage at which he works. The story is just a loose framework upon which a number of comedy set-pieces are arranged: Norman loses his trousers on a train; Norman is mistaken for a famous conductor; Norman is hypnotised into taking part in a fairground boxing match, and so on. Some of these are funnier than others, but they’re all far superior to most of his later output.

(Reviewed 20th April 2012)


Norman Wisdom Conducts


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