Geronimo (1962)    1 Stars

“The Most Defiant Warrior Of Them All!”

Geronimo (1962)

Director: Arnold Laven

Cast: Chuck Connors, Kamala Devi, Pat Conway

Synopsis: An Apache warrior who defies U.S. attempts to bring the Indians under control grapples with an array of U.S. soldiers sent to subdue his revolt.


Chuck Connors must have been selected for the role of Geronimo because of his powerful physique and his air of vitality and strength which encapsulated the vigour and nobility of the native Indian, while that thin, scowling gash of a mouth and hooded eyes lent an air of menace in keeping with the film’s ambiguous portrayal of the renegade Indian who launched his own war against the United States with only a handful of men. Most of the whites — with the exception of one cavalry officer (a pre-Batman Adam West) — are pretty villainous here, selling out the Indians to make a quick buck, and yet the film seems to shy away from the obvious opportunities for Geronimo to be portrayed as an out-and-out hero. The film’s OK, although a little light on action sequences considering the subject matter, and is generally sympathetic towards the Indians. The cinematography is terrific and good use is made of the rugged locations.

(Reviewed 6th January 2009)