Are You Being Served? (1977)    0 Stars

“They’re Free!! Ready to Serve You on the Big Screen!”

Are You Being Served (1977)

Director: Bob Kellett

Cast: John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton

Synopsis: The staff of Grace Bros. take a trip to Costa Plonka while the department is being remodeled.





Are You Being Served was a British TV programme that unaccountably enjoyed huge success in the UK in the Seventies. If anything, it serves now only to remind us how unsophisticated we all were back then, because this film spin-off, while only marginally representative of the TV series, is painfully unfunny in every department. All the regular cast are present, and while the action takes place in the familiar confines of the Grace Brothers store, it’s reasonably OK, but when the entire department is sent on a two week holiday to Costa Plonka, things quickly fall apart despite the appearance of Andrew Sachs who’s by far the best thing in the entire movie. If you’re amused by stereotypical characters erroneously entering one another’s tents in the mistaken belief that they are about to enjoy a sexual encounter, only to discover that the object of their affections has unexpectedly moved to another tent and had their place taken by someone far less attractive then you’ll love this. Otherwise, steer well clear.

(Reviewed 20th April 2012)