008 (2003)    2 Stars


Director: Scott Allen Perry

Cast: Emily James, Danielle Delisande, Robert Vassallo

Synopsis: 008 is back for the first time as Action, Romance & Espionage flavor a first date in the big apple.




I like guys like Scott Allen Perry, director of this cute little pastiche of the Bond movies. I’ve never met the guy, but watching this, his second short film, it’s clear that he’s making his movies for next to nothing, has a love of movies plain to see from both the subject matter of a film like this, and also a sense of humour which shines through in every shot. He’s also a hard worker – just take a look at his filmography at IMDb to see how many caps he wears. Added to all this, he possesses no small talent: this 8 minute short is fresh and lively and winks broadly at its audience with every ‘homage’ to the Bond character and villains. This film can be found on the internet so check it out if you get the chance. And let’s hope we hear a lot more from Mr Perry. A nod also to the guy who plays the lead in this film. he’s perhaps a little too young for the role but has a likeability factor that pulls him through.