Love Hurts (2009)    1 Stars


Love Hurts (2009)


Director: Shariff Nasr

Cast: Medi Broekman, Nasrdin Dchar, Sergec Gaworkan

Synopsis: When Wendy enters a public toilet heartbroken, unconsciously her tears awaken a darker force and it appears that she is not alone anymore.




WARNING! This review contains SPOILERS!

Shariff Nasr’s Love Hurts is a neat little horror movie running no longer than six minutes. Medi Broekman plays Wendy, a young woman who retreats to a public toilet after arguing with boyfriend and discovers that it is haunted by a suicide victim. It’s a simple story with no background details, but Nasr manages to create an ominous atmosphere at odds with the sterile surroundings. The reasons for the haunting aren’t explained, and we’re left to wonder whether Wendy will now haunt the toilets as a replacement for her killer or whether she is just another victim to be added to the ghoul’s collection. Nicely done.